“Writing in movement”, this is the literal translation of the Greek derived word “Cinematograph”. This was the term used by Léon Bouly to describe his invention in 1892, that became the first cine camera.

Famously the Lumière brothers developed the invention, after buying the patent rights from Bouly, who was unable to finance the idea.

So it began, that journey of the cinematographer, the film director, bringing moving images in to our world , and in many ways changing it forever.

Most significantly, the invention of video, the digital format of the moving image has changed the world again.


At South by North we have the team to help you use what Bouly started. The moving image, the powerful tool to capture the imagination of your target audience.  We will work with you throughout the process from initial ideas, through storyboards, to full production and final editing.

Through our partnerships we have over 30 years experience in film making. From cine8, 16mm, feature film production experience, and the journey to video.

Tell us what you want to say, and we will use our expertise in “writing in movement” to get your message across.